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Board of Directors

Founded in 2019


Kim Whitmore

Board President

As Alana's mom, it is an honor to serve as President for the Foundation. I look forward to the impact our work will have on increasing awareness and supporting other families who experience the loss of a baby.

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Corey Whitmore

Board Treasurer

I am committed to ensuring the financial integrity of the Foundation as Treasurer. As Alana's Dad, I was deeply impacted by her death. I hope our work will help bring awareness and support to other fathers who experience the loss of a baby.


Erica Mortensen

Board Secretary



Shana Kettunen

Board Member

I am passionate about helping families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss after experiencing the loss of Alana alongside the Whitmore family along with my own pregnancy complications. In my professional career working in Maternal Fetal Medicine I worked with other families who experienced loss. Through the Alana Rose Foundation I look to help provide hope, healing, and support to other families going through this experience.


Erica Andres

Board Member

As one of Alana's godmothers and one of Kim's best friends, the Alana Rose Foundation is very special to me. Watching the Whitmore family go through their tragedy was heartbreaking. It also made me want to help other families going through that.


Evelyn Cruz

Board Member


Rosie Krueger

Board Member

Board of Directors: Meet the Team
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